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People matter. How you got to be where you are matters.

Knowing the story helps develop the plan. 


Tailored Fit

No one has the same wishes, goals, family or assets. So, why should everyone's estate plan be the same? 

When planning your estate, you should consider what your overall goal is? How does that fit with your family? With your assets? And we plan from there.  

Whether it be Powers of Attorney and Health Care Directives, Wills or Trusts, your estate plan should be unique to you.  

Team Approach

I believe two heads are better than one and all ideas should be considered. When working through an estate, I collaborate with you to develop a plan that you know how to operate and how it works best for you. This may also include the participation of your financial advisors, CPAs and other tax professionals,  and any other individual you consider an advisor. 


An attorney's job is not to just take care of things, handing over documents with instructions to sign. With no understanding on the part of the client. 

I inform my clients of the laws that affect them and the plan that they are implementing. I want you to know what you have; for you to possess a solid understanding of your legal documents. 

Fee Structure

You should understand what you are paying for. At Bedker Law, a clear billing structure is key to ensuring clients know the costs ahead of time. 

Initial meetings are 30 minutes in length and are at no cost. These meetings are great introductions for you, the client, and myself. This will allow us to determine if I can help with your legal matter. 

Whenever possible, flat fees will be utilized. If flat fees are not possible, my hourly plan will be explained to you prior to taking on any hourly work. Payment plans are available and credit cards are accepted.

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